About us

About It’s a Stitch Up

We are a small, independent business producing hand-dyed, ethical yarn and original knitting patterns from our studio in East London, UK.

Our mission is to empower everyone to create their own original, ethical fashion. We believe that beautiful quality clothing that’s made to last, to fit perfectly, and most importantly, to express our individuality is a luxury available to all of us if we make it ourselves.

It’s our aim to help makers on their journey to mastering their craft by providing patterns and tutorials, beautiful materials and inspiration. Our focus is hand-knitting but our blog provides inspiration for all aspects of fashion and fibre crafts.

In our online shop you will not only find our yarn, but dyeing kits, vintage knitting and sewing supplies and a very limited number of handmade goods.

Our yarn

We launched It’s a Stitch Up Yarn in 2015, and for us it’s a leap towards making beautiful, ethical yarn available to all knitters. We have four guiding principles for our yarn range:

  • Campaign for Wool British – Our yarn is British spun and some of it is also farmed here! We are a proud supporter of Campaign for Wool.
  • Best quality – We want to help knitters to create garments that will be worn and treasured for years to come. Our yarn is soft, durable, beautiful and extraordinary.
  • Affordable – We think that fine quality, ethical yarns should be available to all knitters. Even those on a tight budget should be able to choose a beautiful skein for a small project. We have priced our yarns to be competitive with foreign-milled yarns of the same high quality.
  • Responsible – From sheep to skein, the welfare of the animals, people and environment matter to us and have been key considerations in creating our yarn range.

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Our Knitting patterns

'Dream Shrug'

‘Dream Shrug’

We design our knitting patterns to be approachable, engaging and challenging so that makers of all abilities can enjoy them. New knitters can pick up skills along the way with clear photo-tutorials and support. For experienced knitters there are tips on customisation and incorporating advanced techniques.

Our design influences are diverse, from re-interpreted traditional Scandinavian style to nature and landscape. We love innovative construction techniques, geometric pattern and unique ways of combining colours and textures. You’ll find bold, contemporary design alongside classic pieces.

We offer both online free patterns and paid-for PDF patterns, and we even launched our first interactive pattern – Mitt-O-Matic – in 2015, which is easily customisable for almost any size, yarn and tension.

Our PDF patterns are available to purchase from Ravelry, LoveKnitting and Craftsy, as well as right here on our website.

How it all began

It’s a Stitch Up was born in 2007 as a humble blog documenting the adventures of a new knitter, its proprietor, Suzie Blackman.

A few months earlier, a chance invitation to a knitting night from a co-worker led Suzie to pick up the sticks for the first time. Already being a dressmaker and crafter it didn’t take long before she was hooked (or needled?). Diving head-first into this new-found obsession, Suzie turned to the internet to learn new woolly techniques and skills. She started her own blog to share what she’d learned and help other knitters along their creative journey. Within a year she had picked up a following in the knitting community and published two knitting patterns of her own, including a lace shrug.

About Suzie

Suzie graduated with a degree in Computer Science in 1999 before going on to study Graphic Design. As well as running It’s a Stitch Up, she works as a freelance creative technologist. She has worked for a number of creative organisations including BBC and Tate, and in 2015 was lucky enough to combine her professional career and favourite hobby by working with LoveKnitting.

Suzie’s love of handmade fashion began at an early age with making patchworks from fabric scraps, then as a teenager making her own clothes, and later starting a small business making accessories and printing T shirts. She discovered knitting in her mid 20s, and it turned out to be the perfect relaxing antidote to the hectic world of new media. A gateway drug, knitting soon led to spinning, dyeing and an unhealthy yarn and fibre stash. In 2010 she studied pattern cutting at London College of Fashion, not only developing a knowledge of garment fitting invaluable to knitwear design, but also gaining drafting skills she applied to make a bespoke lace wedding dress later that year.

An all-round creative type, she’s also a photographer, home-improver and general maker of things who tries to her best to lead an ethical lifestyle. Although very much a Londoner, she likes the outdoor life and runs, hikes, cycles and climbs. She travels whenever possible, especially to Norway and Sweden, and is currently learning Norwegian.