Some of our favourite craftastic websites.


  • Eskimimi Knits A lovely blog with beautiful photography, patterns and yarn
  • Knitty An extensive archive of high-quality, free patterns and knitting articles
  • Ravelry The best knit/crochet community site imaginable.

Creative friends

  • By Hand London Charlotte and gang run an independent sewing pattern label. Their designs are modern, individual and easy to customise.
  • Jovanna Mendes de Souza Jovanna is a talented graphic designer based in Malmo (in fact she designed our logo and pattern layouts!)
  • Juan is Dead Leah makes incredible mosaics inspired by Mexico’s day of the dead festivities
  • Knit The City Your friendly neighbourhood graffiti knitting art collective
  • Morag Hickman Handmade and custom jewellery
  • Sarah Hillman Ceramics My talented friend Sarah produces ceramics in bold, sculptural forms
  • Spin City Luxurious spinning fibre
  • Whodunnknit Lauren O’Farrell, a.k.a Deadly Knitshade: Author, artist, graffiti knitting pioneer, traveller, photographer and giant squid wrestler
  • Zara Gardner Illustration My good friend Zara a tallented illustrator and crafter