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Posted by Suzie on Friday, 6 October 2017 at 13:31
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For It’s a Stitch Up’s 9th Birthday (it’s today!) I’m introducing you to some of the many folks who have supported us behind the scenes, and this time it’s Jonathan aka the wonderful Mr Stitch Up!

Here is Jonathan in a sweater I knitted (Grettir by Jared Floor), which is still in regular use (even though the sleeves shrank a bit), proving that The Curse of the Sweater is actually a test of character rather than a bad omen.

Jonathan wearing Grettir sweater

Every year Jonathan receives a pair of hand-knitted socks for his birthday. Well to be completely honest, he receives one hand-knitted sock on his birthday, with the remaining sock presented some months late which he accepts with understanding and gratitude.


Jonathan not only tolerates the gigantic yarn stash, the house full of half-finished projects, the kitchen being hijacked as a dye studio and the many hours I spend working when normal people are relaxing, but has fully embraced the woolly lifestyle, even learning to knit. Earlier this year he made a cosy hat for our daughter, the Garter Earflap Hat by Purl Soho.

He even suggested recently that we have enough space for a loom – what a guy!

Without Jonathan I could not have grown It’s a Stitch Up into the business that it is. Thank you, Jonathan, for welcoming fluff into your life!

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