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One year on...

7 October 2009

It’s exactly a year since I published my first pattern, the Stash-buster Cushion, and It’s a Stitch Up was born. Over the past year it’s been amazing to see follow on Ravelry the many finished… Read more

New yarn for old

3 October 2009

It seems like many of my favourite yarns are now discontinued; Jaeger Extra Fine Merino, Rowan 4 Ply Soft and Noro Cash Iroha to name a few, not to mention the RYC line being shelved.… Read more

To dye for

4 September 2009

Broadcasts from Stitch Up land have been thin on the ground in recent months, not least because I’ve acquired not one, but two new bikes, and I’ve been out out enjoying the Great British summer… Read more

Seasonal inspiration

28 May 2009

I love the way everything bursts into life in late spring. The garden is full of inspiring colours, textures and shapes. Read more

Kool Aid experiments

10 May 2009

I’ve always been put off dyeing yarn because my experience of dyeing fabric is that it’s either expensive (with machine dyes) or messy (with immersion dyes). However, the temptation to dye my new silk tops… Read more

Progress report Jan-Apr 2009

6 May 2009

Inspired by Smashing Puffin’s Quarterly report, I decided that knowledge is power, and in order to keep the stash and UFOs under control, I need stats. Stash Back at the beginning of January when I… Read more

In the studio

14 April 2009

It’s been three years since I last had a desk at home, but look at our amazing new studio! It’s hard to believe my sewing machine, laptop and design materials now have a proper home.… Read more

Spinning: what happened next

13 April 2009

A lot can happen in a few days in the business of spinning. I’ve been playing with the bits and bobs I bought following my spinning beginnings at The Handweavers Studio. The fibre is a… Read more

Spinning beginnings

7 April 2009

I’ve wanted to try my hand at spinning for some time – knitting a garment from scratch is pretty cool but knitting something from your own hand-spun yarn is a whole other level. There are… Read more

Design tools

25 March 2009

  I’ve started sketching out a few new garments with the help of Fashion Templates’ free technical templates. The female torso template is proportioned like an Olympic swimmer but it’s fine for sketching out ideas. They do paid ones… Read more

Design bytes

25 March 2009

Things I’ve been looking at on the web… Inspiration There’s just about time to catch the Tsars exhibition at V&A before it closes this weekend, worth a look for the fantastic military jackets. I’ve long been interested… Read more

Crazy lace

7 March 2009

So far, the resolutions are going pretty well. I have reduced the stash by 14%, from 22,500 m to 19,300 m. Addmittedly this is because I sold lots after the mohair incident, rather than having… Read more