96g Merino wool & Silk blend combed top/roving spinning fibre – ‘Sprinkles’

Odd-size bag £11.50 £10.50   / 96g braid


96g odd-sized bag

About this fibre

  • 75% Merino Wool (non-mulesed), 25% Tussah Silk
  • Blended in UK
  • Yarn care: hand wash in cold water

Colour: Sprinkles – neon pink with pastel colours

Who says luxury fibre has to be sedate? We’ve had lots of requests for “unicorn colours” recently, so we’ve created this custom blend of soft merino and lustrous tussah silk in a joyful blend of vibrant shades.

This is a versatile spinning blend, perfect for plied yarns of any weight. The merino fibres have a staple length of around 75-80mm and tussah silk adds durability and drape.

The merino wool in this blend is non-superwash so it can also be used for felting.