British Bluefaced Leicester wool top/roving hand-dyed spinning fibre 100g – ‘Stormborn’ (gradient grey, black, blue, purple)

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About this fibre

  • 100% fine British Bluefaced Leicester superwash wool
  • Milled in UK
  • Hand dyed in East London
  • Approx. 100g
  • Garments made from spun yarn can be machine washed on a wool programme at 40°c

Shade: Stormborn – A repeating short gradient fading from ice blue to grey/black and dark pink

Bluefaced Leicester (or ‘BFL’) is a native British sheep breed. It is known for its fine fibres and long staple (around 90mm), which make it a favourite with spinners. The fleece has a subtle lustre, unique to the breed, which gives a beautiful depth to our hand dyed colours. It wears exceptionally well and is ideal for sock spinning.

Spinning notes

It has a good natural crimp which makes it not only pleasure to spin but extremely versatile, being well suited to both plied and singles yarn styles. It is considered a good choice for beginners because it doesn’t have a ‘slippery’ feel often associated with Merino.

The short repeating gradient can be handled in a number of ways: Spin end to end and chain ply to use for a matching pair; fractal spinning; or break in half for a 2 ply gradient.

Our Bluefaced Leicester has been superwash treated for added resilience and softness, and as a result, it is not suitable for felting.