Destash yarn: Debbie Bliss Party Angel kid mohair silk sparkle lace yarn 25g – black

£4.00   / 25g ball


About this yarn

  • Complete ball, missing its band
  • 72% kid mohair, 24% silk, 4% metalicised polyester
  • 25g, 200m
  • Shade: black
  • Fluffy/brushed yarn, knits as lace to DK
  • 3.25-5mm needles recommended
  • RRP £7.95

Sometimes projects fall by the wayside and yarn finds itself unloved. We’re on a mission to rehome those wayward skeins from our stash.

Sold as seen. From a non-smoking, pet-friendly home (stored in sealed bags). Destash yarn is non-returnable.

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