Fuzzy Lace – Brushed Baby Alpaca and Silk hand dyed yarn 25g – ‘Sunset Beach’

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About this yarn

  • 75% South American Baby Alpaca, 25% Silk
  • Approx. 25g, 150m (164 yards)
  • Heavy laceweight
  • 2.75-5mm needles recommended
  • Cool hand wash

Shade: Sunset Beach (variegated neon pink and yellow)

Fuzzy Lace is a cloud-like yarn made from fleece from Alpacas’ first sheering (the finest and softest they’ll ever produce), surrounding delicate strands of silk, which give the yarn its stability and a shimmering glow.

It can be worked at a variety of tensions for different fabric effects; use larger needles for airy lace, or smaller needles for a lightweight yet incredibly snuggly and warm fabric. Try knitting it held together with another yarn to add a soft halo to garments.

Fuzzy Lace makes a wonderful non-tickly alternative to mohair for those with sensitive skin.

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