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Flash your stash day

1 April 2010

Mooncalf has declared 1 April official Flash Your Stash Day, so here are my highlights: Read more

It's a Stitch Up Featured in Knit Today

29 March 2010

The last time I saw any of my work in print I was about 7 years old, a poem I wrote was published in the South Cambridgeshire Education Bulletin. Sadly that was the end of… Read more

Dyeing wool with Kool Aid - immersion method

26 March 2010

Why Kool Aid? If you’re new to dyeing, there is no quicker, easier, safer or more reliable introduction than immersion dyeing wool with Kool Aid. Kool Aid is technically a food stuff (although you wont… Read more

Spring surprises

24 March 2010

In general, I’m not keen on surprises. I guess that’s why sock clubs/yarn clubs have never really appealed. But somehow, I managed to sign up for one of Fyberspates‘ many clubs back in January. Well…… Read more

Natural dyeing re-run

24 March 2010

I enjoyed Saturday’s dyeing session so much I couldn’t resist doing a bit more on Sunday. Here are the results: The logwood purple extract gave a good strong indigo-purple. My book told me that with… Read more

Stitch London competition winners

23 March 2010

Just a quick note to say thanks to everyone who entered the with Stitch and Bitch London. It was really encouraging to have so much interest in my pattern. Three runners up Frederica Eckstrom, Sarah… Read more

Colourful Saturday

21 March 2010

Yesterday, I had a couple of friends round for a day of dyeing¬†experiments. I have spent the last few weeks procuring and preparing. It was very hard to resist dipping into the supplies until the… Read more

Quick bit of research

18 March 2010

I had an exciting idea a few days ago, and set about designing a credit-card sized, metric needle gauge with 5 cm / 2 inch rule and WPI gauge. After much battling with Illustrator the… Read more

Spinning experiments

25 February 2010

When I bought my wheel back in April 2009, although I ordered a range of fibres, I got hooked on spinning dyed merino top because of the amazing range of colours available. With hindsight this… Read more

Competition time!

24 February 2010

I hinted about it last week and now I’m excited to be able to reveal the details… Stitch and Bitch London –¬†my fantastic local knitting group – are running a competition to give away five… Read more

Acid dye experiments

18 February 2010

I’ve been experimenting this week with Procion MX textile dyes. I put a few different yarns in a dye bath and I’m amazed at the colour variation from the same batch! The superwash merino sucked… Read more

On and off the needles in February

9 February 2010

For a knit-blogger, I don’t often blog about what I’m actually knitting. I’ll do my best to address that! I’ve been quite productive so far in 2010, as well as knitting samples for new patterns… Read more