Yarn Loyalty Card

What’s it all about?

In an era of introductory offers, discount codes and flash sales it often feels like loyalty isn’t rewarded, and this has never felt right to us. We wanted a way to show our appreciation to our customers – especially the loyal customers who come back time and time again – to thank you for choosing to shop small and supporting our tiny business. So, we’ve come up with something a little different and more fun… our Yarn Loyalty Card!

(c) Suzie Blackman

How it works

It’s simple – collect the tokens issued with yarn orders. You’ll receive a postcard with your first qualifying order that you can use to save your tokens. When you have a full postcard with 10 tokens, mail it back to us and we’ll send you a free skein of our beautiful Favourite Sock merino 4 ply yarn. Bonus!

From February 2022 the loyalty programme open to new customers with shipping addresses within the UK only (existing overseas customers will continue to be issued with tokens). This change has been introduced because of the increased cost of international postage and EU IOSS.

Collecting tokens

One token is issued with each the following products purchased online at full price:

  • Full-size (100g or more) skeins of hand-dyed yarn
  • Hand-dyed mini skeins packs that total 100g
  • Full-size skein yarn clubs

Sweater packs, and sale goods and goods that have other discounts applied are excluded.

We do not normally issue tokens with in-person sales, at shows or events.

Terms & Conditions

  1. The offer is for one 100g skein of hand-dyed sock yarn and shipping to your postal address. Preferred colours are subject to availability.
  2. The offer is only available by post, by returning a completed postcard (or any card!) back to us with 10 tokens.
  3. Sender must pay cost of returning this postcard. Cards received with insufficient postage paid will be rejected. We are not responsible for cards lost in the post.
  4. Tokens are issued at our discretion with full-priced full-size skeins of hand-dyed yarn only. Tokens are not issued with undyed yarn, sale yarn or any goods other than those listed above.
  5. Tokens are only issued on orders placed after the scheme launch date of 3 January 2018. Orders placed prior to this date are not eligible for tokens.
  6. From 21 February 2022, loyalty tokens are only issued to customers with shipping addresses in the UK and overseas customers who have collected tokens prior to this date. New customers with shipping addresses outside the UK are not eligible to join the programme.
  7. We may request additional proof of purchase (e.g. order numbers) to accompany your tokens.
  8. Lost tokens will not be replaced.
  9. Offer may be withdrawn without notification. We reserve the right to make changes to the offer at any time. Any updates will be posted to this page.