About our yarn

We hand dye beautiful, ethically sourced yarn at our East London studio.

We launched our hand dyed yarn range in 2015 with three yarn lines and a handful of shades. We now offer a permanent range of eight yarns in natural fibres, spanning laceweight to super-chunky. We have a spectrum of over 60 repeatable colourways, plus many one-offs and limited editions.

Our philosophy

The four foundations of our yarn range:

Best quality

Our yarn is soft, durable, beautiful, and extraordinary. You invest love and care into creating your handmade masterpieces, and we use the best quality fibres to ensure they will be worn and treasured for years to come.

Fairly priced

We think that everyone should be able to treat themselves to a skein of hand dyed yarn once in a while. We will always keep prices competitive with mass-produced yarns of the same high quality.


Our yarn is responsibly sourced and dyed. From sheep to skein, the welfare of the animals, people, and the environment matter to us.

Our Merino wool is from non-mulesed flocks. View our individual yarn lines to learn more about how our fibres are sourced. To find out about mulesing and other ethical issues surrounding yarn read our blog post The ethics of wool.

We only use non-toxic dyes and use a low-impact dyeing process that we have developed ourselves.

Supporting British wool

Campaign for WoolMuch of our yarn is both farmed and milled in the UK. British wool supports our national textile heritage and reduces our yarn’s transport footprint, but, it’s the unique fibre qualities of our native breeds that make us love working with British wool.

We’re keen to challenge perceptions of British wool, so we’ve chosen the very best that our native fleece has to offer in lustre, durability and softness.

Our British wool is sourced through the British Wool Marketing Board and we are a proud supporter of Campaign for Wool.