Beautiful, ethically sourced yarns, hand dyed at our East London studio

Campaign for Wool We have a permanent range of eight yarns in natural fibres, from laceweight to super-chunky, hand-dyed in a spectrum of over 60 repeatable colourways, plus one-offs and limited editions.

The four foundations of our yarn range:

Best quality
Our yarn is soft, durable, beautiful, and extraordinary. Your handmade masterpieces can be worn and treasured for years to come.

Fairly priced
Hand-dyed yarn is a little luxury that we think should be available to everyone once in a while. We will always keep prices competitive with mass-produced yarns of the same high quality.

Our yarn is responsibly sourced and dyed. From sheep to skein, the welfare of the animals, people, and the environment matter to us.

Supporting British wool
Much of our yarn is both farmed and spun in the UK. We are a proud supporter of Campaign for Wool.

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