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A year of Nature Lovers Club: 2023

13 January 2024

A look back at the shades from our mystery yarn club, inspired by the quirks of the natural world I think 2023 was a great year for Nature Lovers Club (our monthly yarn club) with… Read more

Desert Daydream - our 2023 Festive Treat Box revealed!

26 December 2023

It was a last-minute decision to offer treat box for the holidays this time. We have had a run of bad luck in the last few years with the postal strikes, supply problems and rapidly… Read more

Spinning reimaged: Three books that spark creative approaches to handspinning

28 February 2023

Whether you level, these three books offer fresh ideas and techniques that will inspire you to explore new possibilities with your craft I absolutely love spinning. To me, it’s become an extension of knitting; a… Read more

2022 Festive Project Boxes revealed!

1 February 2023

This winter I decided to take a break from offering a Festive Yarn Box (and the huge amount of work that comes with it), so no one was more surprised than me when, at the… Read more

All about neon yarn shades

13 January 2023

Neon colours are an important part of my aesthetic as a dyer (as if you hadn’t noticed). Of course, a large component of my colour choices is shades and combinations that I personally like, and… Read more

Nature Lovers Club 2022 look back

3 January 2023

Our mystery yarn club inspired by the quirks of the natural world Nature Lovers Club is our monthly yarn club and for me, a fantastic opportunity to push my skills and experiment with techniques that… Read more

Why is shipping to USA so expensive?

17 November 2022

This is something we get asked about from time to time and the answer not as straightforward as you would expect, so I feel it deserves a full blog post. First of all, I want… Read more

Shadow and Light - our 2021 Festive Yarn Box unwrapped

1 January 2022

This year’s Festive Yarn Box was one I absolutely loved putting together. It was a lot of work, but, almost two years into the global pandemic everyone deserved an extra special festive treat. The Shadow… Read more

Good news for customers in Norway!

19 February 2021

We’re grateful to have so many lovely customers in Norway, and we’re happy to be able to make it a little easier for you – we’re now registered for Norwegian VAT and accept payment in… Read more

Rock & Roll Rebels: 2020 Festive Yarn Box unwrapped

1 January 2021

This year’s Festive Yarn Box was an absolute riot! We travelled back through rock & roll history to the 60s, 70s and 80s, meeting the shining stars with other-worldly, flamboyant style, visionary ideas and larger-than-life… Read more

Autumn/Winter shade and pattern inspiration - part 2

18 November 2020

There are few things I like more than putting together shade combinations, and I have far too many innovative designs using colour to share with you in a single post, I’m back with a second… Read more

Autumn/Winter shade and pattern inspiration - part 1

11 November 2020

We’ve created many new colourways this year and we’ve been itching to suggest ways to use them with other shades, but until now we’ve been missing so many of our old favourites thanks to lockdown.… Read more