Favourite Sock – hand-dyed superwash merino 4 ply yarn ‘Deep Sea Dweller’


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This is a super-soft yet hard wearing yarn. Its 2 ply, high twist construction gives beautiful stitch definition and unparalleled ‘smooshiness’.

It makes great baby clothes and it’s our all time favourite for socks, giving you years of loyal wear without the usual Nylon content. We hope it will be your favourite too!

Favourite Sock can be knitted at a variety of tensions; socks knit up to a nice, dense fabric on 2.25-2.5mm, regular garments at 3.25mm and dreamy lace at 4mm. It can be used as a substitute for any 4 ply/fingering weight wool yarn.

Shade: Deep Sea Dweller – speckled deep greens and blues

About Favourite Sock