Little Book of Yarn Dyeing (Second Edition)



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Little Book of Yarn Dyeing
Second Edition (2018, updated 2021)
By Suzie Blackman

“A highly practical book(let) for folk who know a bit about yarn and want to take the next step…incredibly clear and helpful instructions for anyone who wants to learn the whole process of dyeing at home in their own kitchen”

– Phil Saul, The Twisted Yarn read full review

At It’s a Stitch Up we’re crazy about colour, so we’ve published the Little Book of Yarn Dyeing to open up our colourful world of creative possibilities to everyone. This approachable guide is aimed at helping beginners to dye beautiful, unique yarn at home. It also provides a handy reference for those who have already dipped their toe (or yarn!) in the water.

Four different techniques for dyeing wool (each illustrated with stunning photography) are introduced in the book, enabling the reader to achieve a wide variety of colour effects.

The process is explained from start to finish – from choosing and preparing yarn, to fixing dye, to understanding the role of dye chemicals and how to use them safely.

This expanded version has more of Suzie’s trade secrets, stunning new photography, information about the different dyes available and a stockists list. It is also fully recyclable as we’ve switched out the glossy laminated cover for a thicker, unlaminated cardstock.

The book uses metric weights and measures.

Product details

  • Paperback, 19 pp
  • Dimensions: 14.8 x 14.8 cm
  • Published by It’s a Stitch Up, (First edition July 2017)
  • Printed in UK on FSC certified paper

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