Fuzzy Lace – Brushed Baby Alpaca and Silk hand dyed yarn 50g – ‘Sunset Beach’

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Shade: Sunset Beach – variegated neon pink and yellow (repeatable shade)

About this yarn

  • 74% Peruvian Baby Suri Alpaca, 26% Mulberry Silk
  • Approx. 50g, 300m (328 yds)
  • Heavy laceweight
  • 2.75-5mm needles recommended
  • Neon colours: hand wash cold

Fuzzy Lace is a cloud-like yarn made from softest baby Suri Alpaca that surrounds a core of shimmering Mulberry silk.

Suri is a rare Alpaca breed with a uniquely smooth and silky fleece without the usual natural crimp. Fleece from Alpacas' first sheering (the finest they'll ever produce) creates this extraordinarily soft and luxurious brushed yarn.

It can be worked at a variety of tensions for different fabric effects; use it at a loose gauge for airy lace, or on smaller needles for a lightweight yet incredibly snuggly, warm fabric. Alternatively, it can be worked held together with another yarn to add a soft halo. Fuzzy Lace makes a wonderful non-tickle alternative to mohair for those with sensitive skin.

The yarn takes our hand-dyed colours in a unique way, with the silk strands adopting a rich, jewel-like glow and the fluffy Alpaca having a softer, pastel tone.

Our Alpaca is sourced from small farms in the Peruvian Andes. The mill works closely with Alpaca farmers to implement ethical farming practices and supports farmers’ families by providing education programmes. The fleece is hand-sorted by highly skilled workers to ensure every batch is of the same fine quality.

Caring for neons

Neon dyes are not as colour-fast as regular dyes. To keep them looking their brightest and best we recommend hand washing in cold water (even if the yarn itself is machine washable). Dry away from direct sunlight.

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