Karma Blend Bamboo, Recycled Sari Silk and Mint eco friendly combed top/roving spinning fibre 100g – ‘Embers’

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Shade: Embers – black and white with bold flecks of gold, pink and red.

About this fibre

  • 50% Bamboo (China, OEKO-TEX 100 certified), 25% Recycled Sari Silk (India), 25% Mint Fibre
  • Approx. 100g braids
  • Gentle hand wash recommended - sari silk is not always colourfast

Karma Blend is an unusual mix of soft, silky fibres with sustainability at its heart.

It's an alternative to (new) animal fibres that's biodegradable and free from synthetics. The colourful bursts of sari silk made it a delight to spin, giving finished yarn a beautiful tweedy effect and a surprisingly woolly appearance. This unique blend has been thoughtfully developed from carefully selected fibres.


Bamboo fibre has a soft, smooth feel, similar to silk, but with a shorter staple length of around 70mm. It is gaining popularity as an eco-fibre because it is water-efficient to grow and rapidly regenerates from the same rootstock after being harvested without disturbing the soil. Our bamboo is OEKO-TEX 100 certified and has been transformed into spinnable fibre using a closed-loop process (chemicals are extracted and recycled back into the system) and is compostable. Bamboo is an absorbent fibre, making it pleasant to wear, and even has antibacterial properties.


Mint fibre is a relatively new-to-market cellulose fibre, and of all those we trialled, we feel it has the most delicate feel thanks to its incredibly fine fibres. It has a staple length of up to 80mm and a slight crimp and reminds us of ultra-fine wool. Our mint fibre is undyed with a natural warm tone and glossy appearance.

Sari Silk

Our sari silk is from India, where it is transformed from a waste product as old clothing to a useful and exciting fibre. While silk is not vegan, many people who avoid animal products for environmental reasons will find this recycled product appealing. It adds vibrant bursts of colour to the blend, both as little clusters/nepps, longer fibres and threads that pop to the fore when spun. The random nature of this recycled product means that its fibres run in different directions, giving a Karma Blend a hint of that lofty, 'woollen' prep feel - so different from virgin silk! It's a fun alternative to synthetic effect fibres.

Spinning notes

Karma Blend has a surprisingly easy draft and is suited to plied yarns of all weights (though very fine plies are more challenging because the fibres are relatively smooth and short) and even art yarns!

Spun yarn feels incredibly soft against the skin yet has a practical durability. Its low elasticity makes it ideally suited to lace work, as a warp yarn for weaving and other projects that require good drape. The fibres' unique cooling properties make it perfect for summer garments.

We have switched to compostable cellophane bags for packaging fibre. We recommend storing your Karma Blend braids in bags as they snag easily.

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