PREORDER: Operation: Social Justice ‘The Grey Area’ 4 ply, DK or Aran wool yarn 100g

£17.00   / 100g skein

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Preorders are full at the moment, we will make more available soon. This is a preorder and will be dyed in batches of six or more. We are very happy to accept orders of fewer skeins, in this case we’ll wait until we have enough preorders for our minimum batch size of six. Turnaround time is 3-14 days at present. If you buy preorder yarn along with stock items, we will ship your entire order at the same time (as soon as the preorder yarn is ready).

We’re donating 20% of the sale price of this yarn to Mermaids UK as part of Operation: Social Justice
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Shade: The Grey Area – dark grey/mauve with splashes of pink and blue, part of a collection inspired by the colours of the transgender flag.

The Grey Area has been so popular we have decided to offer it for preorder on three of our 100% wool superwash yarns!

This shade represents the grey area of gender occupied by people who identify as non-binary, agender/gender neutral or gender fluid. Non-binary people may identify with traits associated with both masculine and feminine genders, or neither. Non-binary people face exclusion and erasure of their gender, and are fighting for legal recognition of their identity in many countries (including the UK). But, there are simple ways of supporting non-binary people, for example by replacing gendered language like “ladies and gentlemen” with inclusive terms like “everyone”. This Stonewall article suggests more ways you can be an ally.

Our inspiration images are based on work by Sharon McCutcheon, a photographer specialising in LGBTQIA+ themes who kindly donates many images for free use.