Rebel Blend extra fine Merino and Stellina combed top/roving spinning fibre 125g – ‘Sea Squall’

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About this fibre

  • 80% Extra Fine Merino, 15% medium Merino, 5% Stellina
  • Wool farmed in South America (non-mulesed), milled and blended in UK
  • Approx: 100g
  • Gentle hand wash finished garments

Shade: Sea Squall – deep blue, black, silver grey, turquoise and white with iridescent Stellina.

Soft and sumptuous Extra Fine Merino top with a rebellious streak.

We've always liked to break the rules, and to create our daring colourways we lightly blended pastels and dark tones with bold accent colours, then added a touch of sparkling Stellina.

Stellina is a fine Nylon fibre that’s soft against the skin. Most often it has a metallic silver tone, but we’ve used a range of unusual and iridescent shades of Stellina, carefully chosen to complement the vivid Merino, giving Rebel Blend an extra dimension.

Spinning notes

These are soft, fine Merino fibres with a relatively short staple, that can handle a lot of twist. Rebel Blend is perfect for plied yarns of any weight. It can be drafted worsted for a smooth yarn, or woollen to add more loft. Singles yarns may benefit from a fulling to give them a little extra resilience.

The gentle blending process gives you freedom to keep colours separated, combination draft for a marled yarn, or even blend them further for a tweedy, flecked yarn.

Being made from non-superwash wool, this fibre is also suitable for felting.