Ultrafine pure Merino wool tops/spinning fibre 100g – undyed/natural

Studio special £8.50 £6.00   / 100g


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About this fibre

  • 100% Merino wool from Argentina (non-mulesed)
  • 16.5 micron (‘ultrafine’ grade)
  • Approx. 100g
  • Undyed/natural colour
  • Non-superwash, can be used for felting projects

This cloud-like fibre is soft and fluffy and a dream to spin. The ultrafine Merino fibres have a relatively short staple length and good crimp that can handle a lot of twist. It is perfect for plied yarns of any weight, and singles with fulled finishing. It can be drafted short draw for a smooth yarn or long draw to add more loft.

We have a fair quantity of this fibre available as studio surplus at a special price. Single quantities will be sent braided in our compostable cellophane bags, larger amounts will be sent as continuous lengths where possible and may be packed in plastic bags.


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