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Northern Lights spinalong

18 January 2018

I’ve been spinning for years but it’s not often that I give the wheel much love, or be particularly adventurous with spinning techniques. Though I do like a batt of glittery art-fibre, especially those from… Read more

Techniques for Crystalline Shawl

30 August 2017

I’ve made a couple of video clips to help with the techniques in our Crystalline Shawl pattern. We’ve given Crystalline an ‘adventurous‘ skill rating because it combines lace knitting and beading, and requires a little concentration, but there’s no reason this can’t be your first beaded project... Read more

Skill unlocked: Beaded crochet jewellery

29 September 2015

Learning crochet is something I have tried and failed to master three times now. Three patient teachers have attempted to introduce me to the granny square and yet I still can’t even cast on (is it… Read more