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Tips for knitting wool socks that last

19 February 2019

I have never cared for rules in creative pursuits, so naturally when I heard “sock yarn need Nylon” I took it with a pinch of salt. Humans have been wearing woollen socks for millennia, and… Read more

Happy new year... January at It's a Stitch Up

7 January 2016

Thanks to a relaxing break I’ve had the chance to reflect on what has been a both great year for me and a busy time at It’s a Stitch Up!  Being a freelancer now I was able… Read more

Making rainbows

24 February 2015

I’ve been doing a fair bit of spinning recently. One thing I’ve been disappointed with in the past is undesirable colour pooling with yarn spun from hand-dyed top. As seen on my , large patches… Read more

Socks of random coincidence

1 November 2012

First there was 100 g of strange-looking fibre; a mix of wool, angora, trilobal and my nemesis, mohair. Obtained in a fibre swap, this ugly duckling languished in the cupboard for some time. One day,… Read more

Stripes and ribs

7 June 2012

You could be forgiven for thinking that not much knitting has been happening at Sparkle Towers, but this is not the case. I have a new pattern in development (more about that soon) and a… Read more

Mending knitted socks

27 February 2012

These KoolAid dyed Jaywalkers were my first proper pair of socks. Despite not being a fan of the pattern (they have no stretch and had to be re-knit several times to get them big enough to… Read more

Socks perfected

16 August 2011

My were pretty good but with my latest pair I have well and truly nailed the perfect sock, and proved that simple is best. No more baggy-toe, foot-wriggling-into-too-tight-sock, heel-slipping-down – just comfy socks. Here is the updated… Read more

The quest of the sock

31 March 2011

My quest for the perfect-fitting sock pattern may have come to an end, quite by accident. After previously following , I had a go at Knitmore Girls Vanilla Sock by Jasmin Canty. What’s good about this pattern:… Read more

Sock school

16 January 2011

With just a few days to go until my trip to Norway, I’m making things to keep me warm while I’m there. I had a wake up call while sledging on Christmas day in the… Read more