Mending knitted socks

Suzie Blackman
Monday, 27 February 2012

These KoolAid dyed Jaywalkers were my first proper pair of socks. Despite not being a fan of the pattern (they have no stretch and had to be re-knit several times to get them big enough to get on and off), I am fond of the socks. I’ve worn them a lot and they’ve lasted well given that I didn’t use a tightly spun yarn. I wasn’t surprised to notice that there was a hole in the toe and the heel stitches had worn down to a thread, and I didn’t begrudge mending them. Actually, it’s nice be fixing signs of wear rather than damage from nasty winged creatures.

Luckily all of the stitches were still discernible, so I reinforced them by following the path of each stitch with a yarn needle and sock yarn. I later discovered after seeing this post on creative mending that this method is called “Swiss darning”.

Mended Jaywalker socks

Yes, I’m aware that my mending is not exactly invisible. I opted for the most hard-wearing yarn I could find, rather than the most similar. This method does take a long time but it is very easy and could be invisible (with the right yarn).

Mended sock heel

I’m hopeful that I wont be mending these again for a couple of years at least.

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The dyer, designer, photographer, creative technologist and maker-of-things behind It's a Stitch Up. She lives in East London in a home filled with colour, fluff and house plants.

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