Pattern cutting: Skirt block worksheet

Posted by Suzie on Sunday, 1 May 2011 at 23:58
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A basic skirt block

Recently I hosted a pattern cutting workshop on drafting a basic skirt block from body measurements. The first time I did this was for the wedding dress I made last summer. I found the hand-outs from the course I did at London College of Fashion badly written and confusing, so I’ve made a my own skirt block worksheet.

The worksheet assumes a basic knowledge of pattern cutting and an understanding of garment construction. You’ll need accurate measurements, I’ve made a body measurements spreadsheet that will help you collect them.

I’ve simplified the traditional skirt block, having just one set of darts at the back. In my (limited) experience, two darts gives a weird shape and if the skirt block is to be joined to a bodice block to make a dress, you’ll want to align the back darts with those on the bodice.

Don’t be alarmed if it comes out a little large, it seems to for everyone. The┬átolerances added are perhaps intended for an era when clothes were a bit looser. It’s easy enough to adjust the side-seams if you want yours more fitted.

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