Bamboo & merino wool blend combed top/roving spinning fibre 100g – ‘Desert Rain’

£12.50   / 100g braid


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Colour: Desert Rain – gold, black, turquoise, rose (special edition)

About this fibre

  • 80% bamboo, 20% merino wool (non-mulesed)
  • Blended in UK
  • OEKO-TEX 100 certified
  • Care: hand wash
  • Compostable packaging

This joyful blend of colours has a luxurious, silky feel and and vibrant, glossy sheen thanks to the bamboo fibre. It’s blended with non-superwash merino to give a little structure.

Bamboo fibre has a soft, smooth handle, similar to silk, but with a shorter staple length of around 70mm. It is gaining popularity as an eco-fibre because it is water-efficient to grow and rapidly regenerates from the same rootstock after being harvested without disturbing the soil. Our bamboo is OEKO-TEX 100 certified and has been transformed into spinnable fibre using a closed-loop process (chemicals are extracted and recycled back into the system) and is compostable. Bamboo is an absorbent fibre, making it a joy to wear. It even has antibacterial properties.

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