Indulgence Blend – wool, baby Alpaca and mulberry silk blended tops spinning fibre 100g in ‘Nostalgia’

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Shade: Nostalgia – dark reds, pinks, plum and black (batch 2)

About this fibre

  • 50% British wool, 25% mulberry silk, 25% baby alpaca
  • Blended in UK
  • Approx. 100g braids
  • Gentle hand wash

Indulgence is a classic fibre blend created from fine, luxurious fibres for hand-spinning bliss. It glistens with jewel-like mulberry silk and has a subtle, multi-faceted colour effect. It is suitable for most spinning techniques, and spun yarn has a beautiful drape.

British Bluefaced Leicester wool
Known as 'BFL', it's is a favourite native British sheep breed due to the fineness of its fibres. The fleece has a subtle lustre, unique to the breed, which gives it a beautiful depth of colour. Its long staple-length of around 90mm makes it a dream to spin and resistant to pilling.

Corriedale wool

Corriedale is another favourite with hand spinners, prized for its fine texture and soft crimp.

Grade A Mulberry Silk
We love silk for for its luxurious softness, drape and shine – but not just any silk. Mulberry silk is a cultivated silk made by Bombyx Mori moth, which has a diet of Mulberry leaves! It is finer and brighter white than cheaper Tussah silk and has an almost metallic quality when dyed.

Baby Alpaca
Alpaca is a cloud-like, luxurious fibre. The fleece used in this blend is from Alpacas' first sheering (the finest they'll ever produce) creates this extraordinarily soft and luxurious yarn.

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