A/W knitwear trend: The oversize sweater

Suzie Blackman
Thursday, 17 November 2016

Chunky, oversize knits are popular on the high street this season. The good news for hand-knitters is that this means quick-to-knit garments with minimal shaping. But, with 8+ inches ease, it can be hard to create a flattering garment. Fear not – there are a few tricks to learn from the high street.

Crop it!

Hand-Knitted Crop Jumper by Von Sono

Hand-Knitted Crop Jumper by Von Sono

This sweater by Von Sono keeps it short and sweet. The cropped style is easy to wear and avoids bulk over the lower torso.

Softly softly

Suri Alpaca Pullover by Toast

Suri Alpaca Pullover by Toast

Toast‘s dreamy suri alpaca sweater uses a curved hem and drapey, lightweight, brushed yarn in a soft neutral tone creates the illusion of a fitted garment, despite being roomy and relaxed.

Bold texture

Hand Knitted Patchwork Cardigan by Topshop

Hand Knitted Patchwork Cardigan by Topshop

Topshop‘s abstract design uses a mixture of colours and textures add interest to break up the boxy shape.

Frill seeker

Jumper with Frill Sleeves by COS

Jumper with Frill Sleeves by COS

This sweater from Cos cleverly creates the effect of an oversize garment without the bulk with frills on the outside of the sleeves.


Oversize Knit Jumper by BONES

Oversize Knit Jumper by Bones

The dropped stitch detail on this sweater from Bones at ASOS gives added interest and takes the weight out of the hem, adding more movement.

Knit your own

Although most simple sweater designs can easily be modified to incorporate the tricks above, the secrets to making a boxy, oversized sweater into a flattering, wearable garment are shoulder shaping and drape. If you want to get the look for yourself you can’t go far wrong with this stylish and classic pattern ‘Modern Wrapper Fine’ by Churchmouse Yarns.

Modern Wrapper Fine in Rowan Fine Lace by Churchmouse Yarns

Modern Wrapper Fine in Rowan Fine Lace by Churchmouse Yarns

In their own words “Short rows provide subtle shaping at the shoulders so that the garment sits neatly. We slimmed the sleeve and silhouette and added a bit more precision to the fit by grading the design in three relaxed sizes. Designed with 16–22″ of ease, the Modern Wrapper Fine leaves a lot of options for fit!”. We think this will be a timeless addition to any knitter’s wardrobe. Join Churchmouse Yarns’ mailing list for a weekly peek at what they’re making.

Whatever your style, there’s no excuse not to get cosy!

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