It’s Mini-Skeins Month! Help us raise money for Refugee Support Europe

Suzie Blackman
Saturday, 3 August 2019

Throughout August we’re donating £1 to Refugee Support Europe for every hand-dyed skein of Favourite Sock Minis sold, including our Neon Rainbow Fade Pack (that’s £12 for each pack sold!).

Favourite Sock Minis neon rainbow 12 pack hand dyed yarn

Favourite Sock Minis 12 x 20g neon fade pack

As we wrote in our post about racism last month, we wanted to do something to provide tangible support people that experience discrimination, and refugees are probably the most marginalised people on the planet. They are excluded from society by physical barriers and (should they have the opportunity to start a new life elsewhere) by systematic racism, aggressively fuelled by political scapegoating.

At present, all eyes are on the dehumanising and dangerous conditions in US border camps, and rightly so. However, there’s a risk that we overlook the enormous humanitarian crisis on our continent. That is why we’re supporting a European refugee charity.

I have chosen the charity Refugee Support because of their “aid with dignity” mission and because they channel every penny donated straight to refugees. How do I know? Thanks to my wonderful friend Natalie Homes, who worked as a volunteer for the organisation, running their onsite operations at the Katsikas camp in Greece.

The charity delivers food and other aid to people trapped in camps in ways that help them regain a sense of control over their lives. For example, providing groceries and donated clothing in a shop format enables a level of normality and begins to address the power imbalance of the aid transaction. Read more about this fantastic work in Natalie’s article Humanizing Aid for Bright magazine and her Volunteer Story on Refugee Support’s website.

You can support our fundraiser through purchases of Favourite Sock Minis. Alternatively, you can make a direct donation through our Facebook Page (all money goes directly to the charity, Facebook do not take a percentage).

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