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Skill unlocked: Beaded crochet jewellery

29 September 2015

Learning crochet is something I have tried and failed to master three times now. Three patient teachers have attempted to introduce me to the granny square and yet I still can’t even cast on (is it… Read more

Jewellery creations

24 October 2010

I have got a bit carried away with my latest pass-time! I’ve invested in lots more materials and made a number of new creations. Lots of people have asked me if I’m taking commissions – hell yes!… Read more

My new necklace

29 September 2010

After just a couple of evenings I have a new necklace! Yes, it’s over the top, but exactly what I had in mind. I love it. Read more

Added bling

27 September 2010

I was lucky enough to get a surprise thank-you cheque for making the wedding dress. Rather than put it towards a new sewing machine (as I think was intended) I decided to treat myself and… Read more