It's a Stitch Up

About Suzie

Suzie is a web geek by trade and has worked in new media since 1999. She started designing and making clothes and accessories at the age of 14, and later began screen-printing textiles and selling her hand-stitched wares. She started knitting in 2007 and has been hooked ever since. In 2009 she developed a dangerous addiction to spinning and dyeing, and is also keen to learn to crochet.

After graduating with a degree in Computer Science, Suzie missed having a creative outlet so decided to take Art Foundation, specialising in photography and graphic design. Her interest in creative fashion was sparked while hanging out with friends in the fashion studio and started supplementing her income by hand-printing t shirts and making bags and purses. This turned out to be a successful venture but she was put off turning her hobby into a livelihood out of a dislike for manufacture and a passion for one-off, individual pieces.

Having not touched the needles for since a childhood, a spur of the moment decision to knit her dad a scarf for Christmas lead to a daily obsession. Drawing on her tailoring experience, she quickly got stuck into knitwear design and started publishing patterns in 2008.

Suzie enjoys combining fitted silhouettes found in tailoring with flowing shapes, textures and innovative construction that knitwear offers. Her wacky sense of colour leads her to experiment with bold, unusual combinations. She is committed to supporting British yarn companies (one of the UK's traditional but dwindling industries), and those outside the UK that have solid ethical and environmental policies.

When not stitching (or working), she's busy taking photos, mountain biking and growing delicious fruit and vegetables.