2022 Festive Project Boxes revealed!

Suzie Blackman
Wednesday, 1 February 2023

This winter I decided to take a break from offering a Festive Yarn Box (and the huge amount of work that comes with it), so no one was more surprised than me when, at the last minute, I put together two separate project boxes. What can I say? When inspiration strikes you gotta run with it.

2022 Winter Cast-On Box

First up, the Winter Cast-On Box. I had an idea for a project-focused box, a shawl kit based on the colours of the northern lights. It just so happened to be perfect for Brixton Purl’s fab Pomp and Poms shawl pattern.

2022 Winter Cast-On Box mood board with Pomp and Poms shawl by Brixton Purl

I wanted to change the format for this one. It includes some Fuzzy Lace minis as well as full size skeins for the main colour. It’s a celebration of colour and texture to complement Brixton Purl’s playful pattern design. The minis are mix of semi-solids and lightly variegated colourways with some neon, against a backdrop of mottled very dark green, blue and purple.

Yarn set from 2022 Winter Cast-On Box

As well as the yarn and pattern, the box included a set of pom-pom makers and obviously there some treats, including chocolate from our wonderful local artisan, Saw Chocolate. I forgot to take pictures of the full set, but here’s a little video of me packing one of the sets.

One box wasn’t enough, so there was also the Tregresa Cowl Festive Project Box!

2022 Festive Project Box

The Tregrensa Cowl is a stranded colourwork pattern I designed in 2019, inspired by the Scandinavian mountain landscapes I love to visit. It was launched with 2019’s 12 Days of Yarn-mas festive project box but I’d only had time to make a small number of yarn kits.

2022 Festive Project Box: Tregrensa Cowl

I always intended to create more kits for this pattern, so it was great to have the opportunity. I couldn’t resist tweaking the colours just a little. It goes without saying that the box included artisan chocolate, and there was also a locally handmade soap.

Well, so much for having a quiet autumn! I ended up working just as hard as ever on festive boxes and I expect I’ll be doing it all again this year!

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