FO: Colourblock featherweight

29 July 2015

Hannah Fettig’s ‘Featherweight Cardigan’ perfectly combines elegance and simplicity. Its airy gauge makes it quick to knit, gives it a lovely drape and makes it a practical garment for the unpredictable British summer. Having just about recovered from the loss of my last featherweight, I decided to make a replacement. Read more


11 June 2015

I’m still new enough to spinning that when I start a project, I can’t predict how it will turn out. I picked a batt of random fibre from Spin City UK‘s Etsy store (now temporarily… Read more

A simple sweater

6 May 2015

Sometimes (in fact most of the time) simple is best. I finished this simple sweater in January and it quickly became a wardrobe staple for the chilly season. This was knitted using Barbara G Walker’s… Read more

Making rainbows

24 February 2015

I’ve been doing a fair bit of spinning recently. One thing I’ve been disappointed with in the past is undesirable colour pooling with yarn spun from hand-dyed top. As seen on my , large patches… Read more

Knotty gloves part 2: Techno-gloves

23 February 2015

For years I have bravely soldiered on wearing fingerless mittens, rather than full-fingered gloves, through the depths of winter. Reason: Taking gloves off to use my phone results in colder hands than having bare fingers.… Read more

Knotty gloves part 1

13 February 2015

I finished these very special gloves (Ravelry project) from handspun yarn some time ago and they have been keeping my hands nice and warm this winter. The pattern is Knitty Gloves by Julia Mueller, which… Read more

Swag from The Knitting & Stitching Show

31 March 2014

Despite my penchant for all things stitch-related, I have never before been to a craft-related exposition. The Knitting & Stitching Show runs a large event at Alexandra Palace, London every October and a smaller, sister… Read more

Dyeing deluge!

27 November 2013

When my regular partner in craft,  Jessica from The Toile and Trouble, expressed an interest having a go at hand-dyeing I of course obliged. Much fun was had, many methods tried and a rainbow of… Read more

Cuteness alert: Rosie the knitted unicorn

19 November 2013

This little lady was recently brought into existence… She was created following this pattern: Snow White the Unicorn by Cutie Patooties, which is available for $5. I have previously shied away from making toys out of… Read more

New FO: Hexagonal cube

28 April 2013

You might remember seeing back in 2011, when I set about transforming a low-cost IKEA footstool into a beautiful piece of furniture… This project was to become the prototype for my – knitting a flat… Read more

A cut above

2 April 2013

One of my favourite things about running It’s a Stitch Up is the sense of being part of a community that it brings. I have always found fellow knitters, stitchers to be generous and patient… Read more

A momentous event

12 February 2013

It’s taken a lot of time, commitment and discipline, but I have finally finished knitting my Medetith Sweater. When I took it on in June 2009 I knew it was a long-term project, but didn’t realise it would… Read more