Exploring Colour in Knitting

Posted by Suzie on Sat, 5 January 2013 at 23:49
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I was lucky enough to receive a new addition to my knitting library from an office secret Santa; Exploring Colour in Knitting by Sarah Hazell and Emma King. Clearly this was a Santa who knows me very well!

I tend to be fairly bold with my colour choices. I don’t often spend time experimenting, I just go with my gut, and while my combinations may be too bold for some, I’m normally happy with them. However, it doesn’t always work out, and when it doesn’t it leads to frustration and failed projects.

I don’t see a failed combination as being bad or wrong, just not what I wanted to achieve in that instance, and what I like about this book is that it shares my viewpoint by focusing on examples, experimentation and inspiration rather than rules. For example, it shows how a dramatically different effect can be achieved by varying the width of stripes with the same set of colours.

It covers all types of knitting concerned with colour, from simple stripes, to intarsia, stranded work and stitch patterns. It also contains patterns, although really these are secondary to the other content.

It would be a useful resource for everyone from beginners looking to create choose their own colour schemes for patterns they follow with confidence, to experienced designers looking for inspiration.

Hell, it might even persuade me to try out pastel colours. Who’d have thought it?


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