Autumn/Winter shade and pattern inspiration – part 1

Suzie Blackman
Wednesday, 11 November 2020

We’ve created many new colourways this year and we’ve been itching to suggest ways to use them with other shades, but until now we’ve been missing so many of our old favourites thanks to lockdown. Finally, after many weeks at the dye pots we have an abundance of colours to play with so it’s definitely time for us to inspire you with some shade combinations!

I’ve also picked out some of me favourite patterns for playing with colour, using a variety of knitting techniques. We have linked to designers’ own websites where possible (because of ongoing accessibility issues with Ravelry), links to Ravelry pattern pages are marked with an asterisk (*).

We’ve used out Favourite Sock merino 4 ply for all of these shade combos because it’s not only our most popular yarn, but also a versatile canvas for our full range of dye techniques.

A shaded fade

It's a Stitch Up Favourite Sock in 'Dancing in the Dark', 'Depth Charge', 'Spirulina' and 'Monstera'

From left: Dancing in the Dark, Depth Charge, Spirulina, Monstera

There’s definitely something about the change of seasons that makes me reach for darker shades. We rarely see them used together, but this combination they really brings out the smouldering intensity of these deeply saturated colourways.

The Kalchaky shawl by Alma Bali* would be a great choice for this combination.

Kalchaky shawl by Alma Bali

© Alma Bali

This innovative knit uses tuck stitches for a textural fade progression, in a design inspired by the wild beauty of Valles Calchaquies, Argentina.

Shocking purple

It's a Stitch Up Favourite Sock in Brixton Purple and The Grey-ish Area

Left: Brixton Purple, right: The Grey-ish Area

We adore purple and we think there’s a purple for everyone, even if you’re not a ‘purple person’. There’s such such a variety moods within this tone, from dreamy, calming grey-lilac to opulent, velvety aubergine. These are two of our favourites, with quite different characters although they get on brilliantly. ‘The Grey-ish Area’ is part of our Operation: Social Justice collection, and although the initiative has ended, we’re continuing to donate 20% of the sale price to Mermaids UK and we’ll keep dyeing it as long as there is a demand.

I’d love to see this combination on a Mauri Tau Pullover by Francoise Danoy*.

Mauri Tau Pullover by Francoise Danoy

© Francoise Danoy

The sweater is sized to fit up to 168cm/66″ bust. I love the relief effect of the yoke detail, and being formed of slipped stitches and purl stitches, it’s easier than it might appear.

Intergalactic mission

It's a Stitch Up Favourite Sock yarn in 'Outer Planets' and 'Aquaphobia'

Outside: Outer Planets, middle: Aquaphobia

This cool-toned combination has an ethereal neon glow without being eye-popping. These colours would be fantastic for Susanne Sommer’s new Lizze Sweater design.

Lizzie Sweater by Susanne Sommer

© Susanne Sommer

This casual-fit sweater is sized up to 152cm/60″ bust. With a geometric yoke design combining horizontal ribbing and brioche, there’s plenty to keep the experienced knitter occupied, and it suits this sci-fi inspired shade combo nicely!

Classic colourwork palette

It's a Stitch Up Favourite Sock in 'Monstera', 'Aquaphobia' and 'Colonel Mustard'

From left: Monstera, Aquaphobia, Colonel Mustard

This shade combo offers the defined contrast needed for detailed colourwork. The zesty chartreuse of ‘Colonel Mustard’ unify the palette, while it’s golden highlights bring warmth.

This combination would be perfect for an Renée Callahan’s Autunno* hat and cowl.

Autonno Hat & Cowl set by Renée Callahan

© Renée Callahan

The all-over graphic motif is perfect for semi-solid shades, and different effects can be achieved depending on which colour is chosen for each part of the design. Time to get swatching!

A big thank you to all the featured designers for granting permission for their images to be published here.

The author

Suzie Blackman

The dyer, designer, photographer, creative technologist and maker-of-things behind It's a Stitch Up. She lives in East London in a home filled with colour, fluff and house plants.

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