Our 2019 Yarn Advent Calendar unwrapped

Suzie Blackman
Monday, 20 January 2020

Every year our Yarn Advent Calendar is one of the biggest projects we take on, and this year was no exception. The box included 24 limited new, edition shades of Favourite Sock minis and extra gifts individually wrapped in daily parcels. Many of the extras were created exclusively for the box, locally sourced and supported other artisan small businesses. We also made a special effort this year to reduce plastic and choose items with a minimal environmental footprint.

This year’s yarn shades focused on semi-solids, with the intention of creating a set that could be used together in lots of different ways – for colourwork, mini fades or contrast sets. The shades included neutrals, darks, earth tones, brights, pastels and of course a little bit of neon!

Yarn Advent Calendar package

Day 1

Black Forest

Yarn Advent Calendar day 1: Black Forest

One day 1, Adventers also received our Daedalum hat pattern.

Daedalum hat knitting pattern by Suzie Blackman

This was a brand new pattern, released 1 December to accompany the box. The trend for advent patterns is normally for shawls. There are so many beautiful shawl patterns out there already, and many customers tell us that they have more than enough shawls, so we wanted to do something a bit different!

This is the first time we have designed a pattern especially for miniskeins, and this is a project you can really make your own with your choice of colour combinations, using as few as two and as many as 11 colours. We’ll be telling you a bit more about it and the inspiration for the design very soon.

Day 2

Lily Pond

Yarn Advent Calendar day 2: Lily Pond

Day 3


Yarn Advent Calendar day 3: Verdant

Day 4


Yarn Advent Calendar day 4: Tresco

Day 4 includes a knitting notebook and traditionally stamped pencils set, designed by us especially for the box.

Knitting notebook and pencils set

The book has a combination of lined and squared pages, for notes, sketching lace charts and planning colourwork palettes. Inside the back cover we’ve included hand metric and imperial rulers and a chart symbols cheat sheet. It is decorated throughout with beautiful vintage illustrations. We still have some in case you missed out! We have a small number of book and pencils sets, and also the book on its own.

Day 5


Yarn Advent Calendar day 5: Mariner

Day 6


Yarn Advent Calendar day 6: Bubble

Day 6’s extra is a set of woven cotton labels.

Woven cotton sew in labales

We love using sew-in woven labels give our handmade garments a professional touch. So often they are made from plastic fibres, but we were so happy to be able to commission these in OEKO-TEX 100 100% Egyptian cotton. The set included two designs that inject a little humour (they read “This is the back” and “Yes, I really made it”). We have a few left in our shop.

Day 7


Yarn Advent Calendar day 7: Regalia

Day 8


Yarn Advent Calendar day 8: Bubblegum

Day 8’s shade comes with a coordinating stitch marker made for us by The Woolly Dodo.

Stitch Marker from The Woolly Dodo

This is the second year that talented owner Dominique has custom-made stitch markers for our advent box, and we love that they’re growing into a set.

Day 8


Yarn Advent Calendar day 9: Stargazer

Day 10

Aperol Spritz

Yarn Advent Calendar day 10: Aperol Spritz

Day 11


Yarn Advent Calendar day 11: Damson

What better to accompany this delicious shade than a Berries and Cherries mini bar from SAW Chocolate.

Berries and Cherries chocolate from SAW Chocolate

SAW is an artisan chocolate maker that we’re incredibly lucky to have in our Walthamstow neighbourhood.

Day 12


Yarn Advent Calendar day 12: Limoncello

Day 13


Yarn Advent Calendar day 13: Flambé

Day 14

Absinthe Suissesse

Yarn Advent Calendar day 14: Absinthe Suissesse

Day 14 comes with a set of wooden snowflake decorations.

Wooden snowflake decorations

We love the simplicity of these laser cut snowflakes made from natural wood ply. Unlike so many festive decorations, they are low impact and biodegradable.

Day 15

Blue Martini

Yarn Advent Calendar day 15: Blue Martini

Day 16

Faded Neon

Yarn Advent Calendar day 16: Faded Neon

Day 17

Twilight Smog

Yarn Advent Calendar day 17: Twilight Smog

Day 17’s parcel included a spool of Twool!


Twool is a marvellous woolly alternative twine that’s durable, biodegradable and made from a rare breed British fleece. The colours are so pretty, your garden might not get a look in!

Day 18


Yarn Advent Calendar day 18: Amaryllis

Day 19


Yarn Advent Calendar day 19: Straw

Day 20


Yarn Advent Calendar day 20: Copperbeach

Day 20 has a Christmas mini bar from SAW Chocolate.

SAW Chocolate Christmas mini bar

This flavour is packed with tasty festive cheer, with figs, cranberries, Brazil nuts and spices. I wish I could eat them all year round!

Day 21


Yarn Advent Calendar day 21: Fall

Day 22


Yarn Advent Calendar day 22: Muddle

These paper snowflake decorations are so elegant and beautiful, we’ve included them for the second year running.

Paper snowflake decoration

Day 23


Yarn Advent Calendar day 23: Chutney

Day 24


Yarn Advent Calendar day 24: Lure

Our final gift is a lemongrass and poppyseed handmade soap from Bean & Boy.

Bean & Boy soap

Based in nearby Southend, we love this company not just for their award-winning combinations of natural ingredients, but their plastic-free packaging.

Yarn Advent Calendar miniskeins

That’s all for another year! Which was your favourite?

We hope to announce our 2020 Advent box in late spring, when we will begin taking pre-orders.

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