Posts about Christmas

2022 Festive Project Boxes revealed!

1 February 2023

This winter I decided to take a break from offering a Festive Yarn Box (and the huge amount of work that comes with it), so no one was more surprised than me when, at the… Read more

Our 2019 Yarn Advent Calendar unwrapped

20 January 2020

Every year our Yarn Advent Calendar is one of the biggest projects we take on, and this year was no exception. The box included 24 limited new, edition shades of Favourite Sock minis and extra gifts… Read more

2018 Advent Calendar day by day

4 January 2019

This year our Yarn Advent Calendars travelled to customers all over the world, with many more folks following along on Facebook and Instagram as each day’s parcel was opened. In case you missed, it we… Read more

2017 Advent Calendar day by day

8 January 2018

I think it was the Opal brand the started the yarn advent calendar trend originally, and quite a few indie dyers have followed suit. We decided to do our first one for Christmas 2017 and… Read more

December at It's a Stitch Up

20 December 2016

It’s been a busy month here even though we’ve been a little quiet online. We finally moved at the end of November and needless to say it’s been chaos. More about the new home/studio further… Read more

Last minute Christmas treats

23 December 2015

I haven’t done a whole lot of gift knitting this year – my nearest and dearest have quite a lot of knitwear by now, and most of my allocated knitting time is taken up working… Read more

Christmas sweater contenders

18 January 2013

I have identified the need for a Christmas sweater. You know the kind – something warm and cosy that treads (and likely crosses) the fine line between festive and tasteless, almost certainly through the medium… Read more

Festive touches

23 December 2011

Work is over for 2011, time to relax! I don’t have a Christmas tree, but the pagan tradition of decorating the house with greenery is one that I follow. I created a display for my fireplace with… Read more

Christmas sweater art

12 December 2011

If you happen to be passing through East London for your Christmas shopping, why not pop in to KK Outlet gallery on Hoxton Square and marvel at their exhibition of alternative Christmas sweaters, Oh Come… Read more

Making truffles

19 December 2010

Controversially, I haven’t knitted any Christmas presents this year. My family and friends probably have enough hats, gloves and scarves for the moment. Also, I felt like a year off; knitting to a deadline has… Read more

Gift knitting ideas

29 November 2009

It’s that time of year when even the most selfish of selfish knitters think about wrapping others in woolly goodness. It was what inspired me to pick up the sticks in the first place –… Read more