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Knotty gloves part 2: Techno-gloves

23 February 2015

For years I have bravely soldiered on wearing fingerless mittens, rather than full-fingered gloves, through the depths of winter. Reason: Taking gloves off to use my phone results in colder hands than having bare fingers.… Read more

Knotty gloves part 1

13 February 2015

I finished these very special gloves (Ravelry project) from handspun yarn some time ago and they have been keeping my hands nice and warm this winter. The pattern is Knitty Gloves by Julia Mueller, which… Read more

FO: Bohus mittens

1 January 2013

2012 didn’t quite end the way I planned it, I was struck with bad luck in the form of a fracture to my right arm obtained during some festive ice skating. I suffered a more… Read more

FOs: Handspun mittens

29 December 2011

Gifts have been gifted and I can now reveal what became of my recently spun yarn. Fingerless mittens turn out to be perfect for accommodating the unevenness of handspun. This pair were knitted from the… Read more

On and off the needles in February

9 February 2010

For a knit-blogger, I don’t often blog about what I’m actually knitting. I’ll do my best to address that! I’ve been quite productive so far in 2010, as well as knitting samples for new patterns… Read more

Gift knitting ideas

29 November 2009

It’s that time of year when even the most selfish of selfish knitters think about wrapping others in woolly goodness. It was what inspired me to pick up the sticks in the first place –… Read more