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Introducing Lustre Blend - our first custom blend spinning fibre

30 January 2018

I am fastidious about the details when it comes to developing our products, and when we decided to add a line of spinning fibre to our permanent range I tried out many beautiful fibres. I… Read more

Northern Lights spinalong

18 January 2018

I’ve been spinning for years but it’s not often that I give the wheel much love, or be particularly adventurous with spinning techniques. Though I do like a batt of glittery art-fibre, especially those from… Read more

New free pattern:'s interactive!

3 December 2015

is my first ever interactive knitting pattern. It’s an idea I’ve been thinking about for some time and a simple enough concept; enter a few measurements into a web form, some maths is done behind the scenes,… Read more

The Knitting & Stitching Show 2015: Knitting and spinning highlights

13 October 2015

Obviously, it’s the knitting and yarn stands I’m most eager to check out at Knitting & Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace, but this aspect has left me disappointed in past years. Each year I am hopeful… Read more


11 June 2015

I’m still new enough to spinning that when I start a project, I can’t predict how it will turn out. I picked a batt of random fibre from Spin City UK‘s Etsy store (now temporarily… Read more

Making rainbows

24 February 2015

I’ve been doing a fair bit of spinning recently. One thing I’ve been disappointed with in the past is undesirable colour pooling with yarn spun from hand-dyed top. As seen on my , large patches… Read more

Knotty gloves part 1

13 February 2015

I finished these very special gloves (Ravelry project) from handspun yarn some time ago and they have been keeping my hands nice and warm this winter. The pattern is Knitty Gloves by Julia Mueller, which… Read more

Putting a positive spin on it

8 January 2013

I just completed probably my best ever spinning. It started life as Fyberspates Sparkle Fibre dyed top, a luxurious blend of merino, silk and glittery stelina, in ‘grey and mauve’. It’s pretty, evenly spun, evenly… Read more

Socks of random coincidence

1 November 2012

First there was 100 g of strange-looking fibre; a mix of wool, angora, trilobal and my nemesis, mohair. Obtained in a fibre swap, this ugly duckling languished in the cupboard for some time. One day,… Read more

FOs: Handspun mittens

29 December 2011

Gifts have been gifted and I can now reveal what became of my recently spun yarn. Fingerless mittens turn out to be perfect for accommodating the unevenness of handspun. This pair were knitted from the… Read more

Sparkle Fibre

30 November 2011

When I saw Fyberspates tweet last week about adding new Sparkle fibre to their shop I was unable to resist. Pretty colours, glitter, merino & silk? Obviously I ordered two batches. It did not disappoint, I… Read more

Yarn from scratch

17 November 2011

I’ve had the spinning wheel out again, attempting to spin chunkier yarn. Exactly as I was warned when I , once you can spin fine, it’s near impossible to spin thickly. I’m not even talking… Read more