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Putting a positive spin on it

8 January 2013

I just completed probably my best ever spinning. It started life as Fyberspates Sparkle Fibre dyed top, a luxurious blend of merino, silk and glittery stelina, in ‘grey and mauve’. It’s pretty, evenly spun, evenly… Read more

Socks of random coincidence

1 November 2012

First there was 100 g of strange-looking fibre; a mix of wool, angora, trilobal and my nemesis, mohair. Obtained in a fibre swap, this ugly duckling languished in the cupboard for some time. One day,… Read more

FOs: Handspun mittens

29 December 2011

Gifts have been gifted and I can now reveal what became of my recently spun yarn. Fingerless mittens turn out to be perfect for accommodating the unevenness of handspun. This pair were knitted from the… Read more

Sparkle Fibre

30 November 2011

When I saw Fyberspates tweet last week about adding new Sparkle fibre to their shop I was unable to resist. Pretty colours, glitter, merino & silk? Obviously I ordered two batches. It did not disappoint, I… Read more

Yarn from scratch

17 November 2011

I’ve had the spinning wheel out again, attempting to spin chunkier yarn. Exactly as I was warned when I , once you can spin fine, it’s near impossible to spin thickly. I’m not even talking… Read more

Back behind the wheel

24 May 2011

My spinning wheel has been staring at me from the corner of the room, guilt-tripping me for months. There’s no particular reason why I haven’t been spinning, other pastimes felt more appealing. As time passed,… Read more

Spinning experiments

25 February 2010

When I bought my wheel back in April 2009, although I ordered a range of fibres, I got hooked on spinning dyed merino top because of the amazing range of colours available. With hindsight this… Read more

Spinning: what happened next

13 April 2009

A lot can happen in a few days in the business of spinning. I’ve been playing with the bits and bobs I bought following my spinning beginnings at The Handweavers Studio. The fibre is a… Read more

Spinning beginnings

7 April 2009

I’ve wanted to try my hand at spinning for some time – knitting a garment from scratch is pretty cool but knitting something from your own hand-spun yarn is a whole other level. There are… Read more