Kits for Tregrensa supporting Australia bush fire relief

Suzie Blackman
Monday, 3 February 2020

We’ve joined forces with three awesome UK dyers – RiverKnits, Felt Fusion and Hooking Marvellous – to offer yarn + pattern kits for our Tregrensa Cowl, supporting bush fire relief in Australia.

The shades we used for out Tregrensa Cowl sample are the one-off colours created for our 12 Days of Yarn-mas box. Although they were non-repeatable batches (we didn’t keep recipes), we fully intended to offer kits for the pattern after a little break. Having dyed, twisted and labelled close to 1000 mini-skeins in the lead up to the festive season, that break was much needed.

Our 12 Days of Yarn-mas set

Our Tregrensa Cowl sample using out 12 Days of Yarn-mas set

However, as is often the case, life didn’t exactly go to plan in January. Because of a health complication I have found myself away from the studio for the best part of four weeks. It has been tough but whenever things happen beyond my control I try to take something positive from it, and this time it’s been an opportunity to collaborate with some of my favourite dyers.

We’re heartbroken about the devastation in Australia, and when I mentioned the ideal of supporting the relief effort to the dyers, all three jumped on board. The cowl design celebrates the beauty of our European forests so it seemed fitting to use it to raise funds to protect and eventually restore precious woodlands in the southern hemisphere.

Each of the kits come with 12 hand-dyed sock-weight miniskeins, the PDF pattern and a £6 donation towards bush fire relief.

Let me tell your about them…

Hooking Marvellous

It’s been a pleasure to work Lynzi, and the delicate tones in the set she has put together for this set are magical.

Tregrensa Kit from Hooking Marvellous yarns

Hooking Marvellous’ Tregrensa Miniskeins

I actually find soft tones a real challenge to dye, so I am tempted to order a set for myself! The cowl design is going to look stunning in these. Their kit is priced £40 + shipping.

Order kit

Felt Fusion

Looking at Felt Fusion’s sunset minis pack below, I’m sure you can see why I knew that Felt Fusion would perfect to create a kit for Tregrensa.

Sunset mini skeins set by Felt Fusion

The colours they are creating for Tregrensa have not yet been revealed, but I think we can all agree, it’s in safe hands! If you like the aesthetic of the our original colour scheme, then I would wager that this Felt Fusion’s creation will be the closest. Their kit is priced £40 + shipping.

Order kit


RiverKnits Tregrensa kit

I’ve long been an admirer of RiverKnits yarns so I’m thrilled to be collaborating with them. RiverKnits stock British wool miniskeins in over 70 semi-solid colours, and have put together this set for us. You don’t even have to guess how our pattern will look in these shades because @loudelve is already knitting it. Their kit is priced £43 + shipping until 7 February.

Order kit

I am really grateful to all three for so enthusiastically stepping in. The best part for me has been seeing different interpretations of the pattern, and I can’t wait to see the projects out in the wild.

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