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Knitting patterns

We make every effort to ensure that patterns are free from errors, but nobody is perfect. Please contact us if you think there is a mistake in a pattern. We can’t offer compensation for errors in patterns, although we will normally issue a refund if you’ve paid for the pattern, and we’ll do our best to publish corrections as soon as possible.

It’s possible that your project will require more or less yarn than the pattern specifies. Everyone knits differently, so take this into account when you’re buying yarn. We cannot offer any compensation if your yarn requirements differ from those stated in the pattern. But again, if you think there is a mistake please Contact us.

Copyright and intellectual property

By using It’s a Stitch Up you agree to respect our intellectual property by not reproducing text or images without permission and complying with any other terms of licence. All content is covered by copyright. Some of our content has grants additional rights to you as a user, for example several of our free patterns are published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License – This sounds complicated but we’ve explained in plain English what is and isn’t permitted where ever we’ve published under such a license.

Contact us if you want to request a reproduction licence (written permission to reproduce something or to use one of our designs to sell). We may charge for this depending on the circumstances.

Third parties

We often review and recommend third-party products or services based on our own experience. We don’t normally have a relationship to these companies and we can’t guarantee you will have the same experience as us.


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